A couple of months ago, someone from work gave me a small knife. I'd never seen one quite like it before. It folded out like a knife but contained a razor blade, which I use for opening boxes. There was a name on the side. The name was Gerber. Immediately, Gerber baby food came to mind. I didn't know that there is a company called Gerber that makes knives. A few days later in Bible study, I was led to Genesis 22 where Abraham goes to sacrifice his child/son Isaac. Genesis 22:10 " And Abraham stretched forth his hand, and took the knife to slay his son."

  •  09-05-2021 08:38 PM

Several years ago, while going to pick someone up for church, God gave me a vision. It happened at a red light. I just drifted off into a daydream while waiting for the light to turn green. My eyes were still open, but in the back of my mind I saw my friend Maxwell. He told me in the vision, “You're getting old Gabe.” The light turned green and I entered reality and got the car moving again. I said, “Thanks God,” though still unsure if this was a vision or just a random thought.

  •  09-05-2021 08:26 PM