Gabe Liliedahl

God spoke to me as a kid on several different occasions, usually at night. He even gave me a vision of an iPod, years before they were invented. Our family didn't attend church much and I eventually forgot the conversations with God.

Years later, facing 10-30 years in prison for DWI's and theft, I started seeking God. Because of a loophole, I served two years in prison. After voluntarily entering a Christ-based rehab, God eventually reminded me of the conversations with Him as a kid. I remembered the vision and fell in love with hearing God's voice. This has led to this book series.

I'm convinced that the church will fully function as Jesus intended when we hear God's voice like Jesus did (John 12:50). We'll do greater things than Jesus did, just as Jesus said (John 14:12), when we hear God's voice and obey.

The Bible is everything we need for life and Godliness.

God's voice is real-time instruction for the moment and never contradicts the Bible.

My mission through and The Voice: Series is to help the church get to that place by empowering individual believers through God's voice.

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