Your personal ministry to others
What drives you?
A teaching ministry
A ministry that really takes off and can go almost anywhere
Your spiritual house
Consider the rooms below:

  • Bedroom - a place of intimacy, usually with God
  • Living room - a place in your life that is very visible to outsiders
  • Kitchen - a place of the heart (where spiritual food is kept)
  • Bathroom - a place for cleansing
  • Toilet - for inner cleansing
  • Sink - for outer cleansing, to get something off of you (perhaps a burden)
  • Attic - things stored in the back of your mind
  • Basement - basic issues
  • Front yard - prophetic / future
  • Back yard - things from the past
  • Teeth - related to things you say
  • Hair on your head - related to the things you think. Long hair could represent something you've been thinking for a long time
  • Clothes - armor of God, clothed with Christ
  • Bare chested - self-righteous
  • Shoes - peace