05 Sep

A post from Christian Dream Interpretation on November 29, 2018 · A testimony to the Lord's leading: I've recently been placed on workers comp due to a back injury. A few days ago while driving to the doctors office, a random thought about something a comedian used to say years ago popped into my head. The thought was "Here's your sign." I remembered the comedians name and thought about that for a moment but dismissed it without anything to connect it to - pretty random thought. A commercial would come on the tv at the doctors office. The same comedian who used to say "Here's your sign," talked about the importance of having the right health insurance/coverage. It turns out that workers comp doesnt cover my insurance benefits through my job. The HR department told me they'd mail me a bill for the insurance coverage while I'm out on leave. Workers comp covers the injury, but not additional coverage. God was leading me thru that random thought and tv commercial to make sure I was covered while on leave. Wow.

 Update: A few weeks ago, I walked into a hospital with severe pain and the staff ran tests and said I had a gall bladder issue. That hospital sent me to another hospital. A day later, my gall bladder was removed. The bills from all of that just topped $100,000. My insurance covered most of it. I owe $3000-4000 at this point. Had I not followed the signal (sign), I'd be liable for over $100,000. Thank God....

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