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Written by: Gabe Liliedahl

March 9, 2024

(Photo by OSU Agriculture)

Hi all! 

I want to take a few minutes to remind you about something the Lord began speaking to me in May of last year.  The word is “Famine.”  

The Lord told me to speak about this again just this morning.   The word itself is so extreme, it probably needs to get mentioned more. 

The Old Testament prophets would at times repeat their messages though sometimes prophesying it differently.  I’ve noticed in modern-day prophecy that some messages get repeated more than others.  The easiest of those to spot are usually the word of the year prophecies.  

It doesn’t mean that a simple prophecy is not important.  The same can be said of simple dreams.  Jesus would sometimes emphasize parts of his message with the words, “Verily, verily.”  Everything he said was important, not just the verily, verilys.  The same can be said with simple prophecies or even simple dreams.  

Anytime God speaks, it’s a gift and it’s important. It just so happens that the word “Famine” has been prophesied here several times, though the Lord has been vague and hasn't given me a timeline.  

I’ve gathered a list of articles that confirm the word. 

To be clear, the Lord signaled to me that meat would be a leading indicator for a famine, though vegetation seems to be right up there with it.  

Clearly, part of the reduced cattle supply in the US has to do with the drought.  The prophecy did not come by any personal knowledge of the drought that Texas has been in.  I do ask that you would pray about it and even share this post with others.  It’s something to be taken seriously.  

Evidential Support

To revisit past articles about the famine and see more of my perspective, visit these blog posts: 

Food Shortage to Famine? 

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Just over a month ago, the USDA reported that cattle levels in the United States are at their lowest levels since the 70s.  This is partly due to the three year ongoing drought.  You can read that here.

Just this week, a Virginia farmer and Texas rancher warned of a food crisis, citing US policies as a factor (Creitz, 2024).  He also warned that companies are studying the consumption of insects as an alternative to beef and pork, though one company pushed back on that idea, as seen in the article.

Though we know the effects the drought have had on Agriculture and the effects that has on cattle herds, there are other relatively unknown factors that could trigger a famine.  I’m not trying to scare anyone, just acknowledging that anything could happen.  

Other Potential Threats

For instance, there has been a concern of disease coming through our southern border (Catenacci, 2023).  Here’s an article from November that links that to cattle and potentially to famine.

Here’s another area of concern from the climate activists.

And a potential concern from overseas here

Just this week, there has been a significant event in West Texas.  A wildfire broke out which has since destroyed over a million acres of land (Miller, 2024).  Unfortunately, the fires have claimed the lives of at least two people; over 7,000 cattle have died and more will be put down.  You can learn more about that here

Where do we go from here?  

The Lord gave me the word “Famine” almost a year ago.  When could that occur?  Anything could happen, but we still have some time... I think.  Joseph had at least seven years of warning.  Do we have that long?  I can’t answer that.  

I still believe that any Christian in crisis has the Lord on their side.  Because of that, we still have the possibility of a Goshen scenario.  The people of God were protected even as the plagues came upon Egypt.  Still, it never hurts to seek the Lord about your personal situation.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to look into food preservation methods.  

Finally, I wish that the Lord would give me more information to work with on this.  He has not.  He can be mysterious when He wants to be.  I’m as confidant as anyone can be that the word famine is a legitimate word from God.  There are too many confirmations, as seen in the above articles.  

This all originated from a somewhat random dream last year that I later shared in conjunction with a hurricane, in an obscure way.  I remember being very unsure of it, mostly because it is such an extreme word.   

The gifts of the Spirit are real, but the natural man will never grasp them (1st Cor 2:14).  

My hope is that you’ll connect the dots and it’ll strengthen your relationship with Christ.  

Until next time!

- Gabe


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