23 Oct

By Gabe Liliedahl

October 23, 2023

This week, I’d like to talk a little more about the famine, especially in light of the recent attack on Israel.  The timing of the attack is extremely interesting.  

To understand that, you have to understand God’s timing.  God’s timing is everything.  It’s also difficult to grasp, partially because the Bible doesn’t give us much information about how He does things in regards to time.  Just ask Abraham.  God told Abraham that he’d have a child.  And he did.  After 25 years of waiting. 

Israel is a Sign

Going back to Israel, as Israel goes, so goes the world.  The very fact that Israel is now fighting a battle on different fronts should wake people up, spiritually speaking.  According to Zechariah, the Lord will return and deal with armies that attack Israel (Consider Zechariah 14:1-9, but especially 14:1-4).  I’m not saying the Lord is about to return, but the battle in Israel should be considered a sign, especially in light of the timing. 

Many people think that the Lord’s return will be during the Feast of Tabernacles.  

The Fulfillment of the Feasts

Of the seven feasts in the Old Testament, three were ordained by God. Two of the Old Testament feasts have been fulfilled in the New Testament. 

Passover is the first feast of the Old Testament.  Jesus fulfilled that with his death.  He is the Passover lamb.  

The second feast was Pentecost.  In the Old Testament, God gave Israel the law fifty days after they left Egypt.  That was the original Pentecost.  In the New Testament, the outpouring of the Spirit occurred 50 days after the death and resurrection of Christ.  

Which leaves Tabernacles and the idea that Jesus could return during that feast to fulfill it. 

Why go into all that?  The recent attack on Israel happened at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles.  The feasts were important to God and He instructed all of Israel to take part in them (Exo 23:14-17).  

The Feast of Tabernacles is the last of the fall feasts – a feast celebrating the last harvest.  The celebration of food – for them in that time.  Food for the rest of the season, until next year's harvest. 

That feast also happens to be associated with joy.  The feast itself recognizes God’s provision in the Exodus.  They build tabernacles or little huts as a reminder of God moving them from place to place during the Exodus.  God always provided for them, even when they were on the move during that 40 year extended season.

That’s the natural aspect of the feast.  Viewing it from a more symbolic standpoint, it’s a feast for a harvest of souls – perhaps the end time revival before Christ’s return that some have prophesied.  

The Significance of the Timing

The timing of the attack by itself speaks volumes.  It occurred 50 years and a day after the Yom Kippur war in 1973.  Here’s a recent article that compares the two:

50 years after the Yom Kippur War, veterans see echoes in Israel’s current crisis

A study of God’s voice puts timing into perspective.  Whenever God speaks, it’s important.  It was so important that the prophets often recorded the day that God spoke.  You see it often in Ezekiel (Ezek 1:1-3, 8:1-5  20:1-2), but also in other places (Hag 1:1, 2:1, Zech 1:1).  

We also know that God speaks in signs (Exo 4:8).  Jesus gave the disciples a list of signs to look for regarding the end times (Matt 24:3-8).  Personally, I think the Lord speaks all the time (Psalms 19:1-2).  However, it seems as though He speaks more around the time of the feasts.  It’s possible that He does that to give guidance for seasons as a whole as opposed to speaking on a daily basis for daily guidance.  I’m not restricting God to that, but simply stating a possible view on what He does.  

Solar Eclipse

It is significant that America recently experienced a Solar Eclipse. The Bible tells us that the sun, the moon and the stars were meant for signs and seasons (Gen 1:14).  That doesn’t necessarily mean that every eclipse or blue moon means something.  However, you’d be foolish to knowingly ignore certain signs.  Consider the sign of the eclipse.  What does it mean?  Look at the view of North America during the eclipse.

Annular solar eclipse casts a shadow over North America

How It All Ties Together

So, did God cause the attack?  No!  Could He use that event to speak?  Yes!  

Nothing happens without Him knowing about it.  It’s fascinating to me that the attack on Israel was as successful as it was.  Israel’s intelligence always seems to know what the local terrorists are up to.  Nothing gets by them.  However, this attack completely caught them off guard.  On top of that, it’s known that God has watched over them with various miracles and helped them during previous wars and conflicts.  This time was different.  Because He does use signs, I think He allowed satan to attack, using Hamas.  God may have allowed the attack to occur at the end of a feast to signal something.  

Going back to the idea that the attack occurred at the end of a feast associated with provisions brings me to the word famine.  A couple of weeks ago I prophesied that God was speaking famine.  That’s it.  Little to no details, though drought, vegetation and meat seem to all be associated with the famine word.  I have thought that a meat shortage would be a leading indicator of famine.  

Famine is such an extreme word, it’s difficult to imagine that could happen in America.  And yet, I went there believing God led me to do so.  Which brings us back here.  It’s possible that the recent attack on Israel at the end of a feast is a sign.  The sign being an attack by satan on food supplies.  The attack itself doesn’t hint of anything towards America, but in light of the word and the significance of the attack, I’m putting the two together.  Am I interpreting correctly?  Time will tell.  For the record, I am NOT saying that a famine will happen in America in the next year.  Joseph had seven years notice before that famine came to pass.  While I am convinced that the Lord is speaking the word famine, the timing of it is hidden.  Still, the signs seem to indicate something of significance.       

You probably wouldn’t ignore a low tire on your vehicle.   You probably wouldn’t ignore a snake crawling up your front porch.

Would you ignore the fact that Hamas attacked Israel on the last day of a feast that God ordained, which also happens to be a feast associated with joy?  

Would you ignore the fact that the attack occurred 50 years and a day after the Yom Kippur War?  

Would you also ignore the fact that the feast is the only one of three feasts that has not seen anything resembling fulfillment as the other feasts have seen?  

Would you also ignore the fact that a solar eclipse happened one week later in America with a track that parallels the southern border of the United States – the southern border already being a known national security issue?  

Taking those facts into account, would you consider that they are all signs that occurred with extremely unusual timing?  

Final Thoughts

Would you consider one more sign?  There’s another eclipse coming.  The date is set for April 8, 2024.  I love the date,  but dislike the sign.  April 8 translates to 4/8.  I’m admittedly speculating on the next level here.  Exodus 4:8 has made it into all three books I’ve written, though the third is not finished. 

Exo 4:8  KJV And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe thee, neither hearken to the voice of the first sign, that they will believe the voice of the latter sign.

According to God, signs carry voices.  The burning bush carried a literal voice, but not all signs do.  Still, they often have something to say.  This next eclipse happens the day before Nisan begins (the first month of the calendar year).

God told Moses the beginning of months would begin on a certain day (Exo 12:2).  It was Nisan.  

Two weeks after Nisan is the Passover (Exo 12:14).  The next eclipse is a sign that happens the day before Moses's new year would begin and two weeks before the Passover.  

That also is a significant sign.  Here are links to a Jewish calendar for 2024 (Note 4/8, Nisan and Pesach/Passover) and also NASA’s eclipse info. 

Jewish Calendar 2024 Diaspora

Solar Eclipses in 2023 and 2024

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